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We’re glad that you’re here. Whether this is your first visit to agcva.org or you’ve visited many times before, we’re happy that you dropped by.

AGCVA and its hundreds of member companies are continuously advocating, growing, and connecting our industry to build stronger communities as the leading partner in and the voice of Virginia’s construction industry. 

The men and women of our industry are doers. We begin with hopes and visions and through pure force of will and effort, we move the earth, we bend the steel, we break the stone, we defy the powers of gravity itself and turn the dreams of our communities and fellow citizens into a reality. Our members are people of action and that is represented in the pillars of our strategic plan and mission - Advocate, Grow, Connect

We advocate for our industry in the public and political space to better serve our communities, our industry, and our member companies. We have a voice and are we willing to act on it.

We focus on programs and services that grow member businesses and advance the industry. Our members understand our biggest asset is our people and continue to focus on developing our workforce and bring back the standards and tradition of training in our industry. We do this to preserve the futures of ourselves, our companies, and all our future partners yet to be discovered. 
We create connections that add value for our members and expand our community. Our industry and its people are amazing, we are the ambassadors of the Virginia construction industry to tell our story, celebrate our successes, teach from our missteps, and find new partners.

If your company would like to be a part of our efforts we encourage you to join AGCVA. Simply go to the Membership tab and click Join AGCVA.

For our current members, please be sure to log in to your account before registering for any of our upcoming events. As a reminder, please update your company and individual profiles, including your communication preferences, so that we can provide the best member service for all of your needs.

We are proud to serve you and we look forward to advocating, growing, and connecting with you.

Anthony Smith
AGCVA Chairman, 2022-2023

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That's why we're here.  We exist to help you, your team, and your entire organization take the next steps toward achieving your goals.  Whether uniting voices across the Commonwealth to inform lawmakers and regulators when decisions are made, providing training and development opportunities to expand the knowledge and skillset of all on your team, or forming and deepening professional connections during our numerous events and gatherings, one important fact remains.  We are proud to be in the business of helping you succeed.