Youturn Health

AGCVA Members Have Access to Youturn Health's Program 
at a Discounted Rate

Toughness is valued in the construction industry, but stigma, shame, and fear prevent employees from getting the support they need for behavioral health and substance use issues. AGCVA and Youturn Health are here to help.

Hear straight from Youturn Health's co-founder and CEO, Hamilton Baiden, about why this partnership matters and his deeply personal mission to support behavioral health.

We urge you to take advantage of Youturn Health's program at the discounted AGCVA member rate.

This program includes:

  • Construction-Specific Programming: Changing the conversation starts with training and access. Teams have access to four construction-specific trainings including mental health 101, approaching employees, suicide support, and recovery first aid.  In addition, Youturn Health provides access to a construction peer support coaching call in line.
  • Online Education and Engagement: Access to over 450 educational videos and stories that help people understand mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, substance use, and more.
  • Peer Support: Trained and certified peer coaches use their own experience with substance use, behavioral health, and recovery to help your employees make meaningful steps in their own journey.
  • Family Support: Family and loved ones also get access to the program at no additional cost.

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