Why Consider This Program?

CQM-C is a construction continuing education course useful for owners, A/Es, inspectors, construction managers, and facility engineers, particularly those doing public sector construction.

Successful completion of CQM-C course by QC managers and their alternates is required by both USACE and NAVFAC construction contract specifications.

NAVFAC design build specifications require both construction QC managers and design QC managers to have successfully completed the course.

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Don’t just take our  word for it!

“Part of Blackwater Electric’s success is due to employee empowerment through quality education. These tools provide our employees with leadership opportunities, empowerment through expertise, and confidence in their decision making. We strive for the highest of standards to provide our clients with best possible product. Working with the military comes with specific sets of standards, quality, and safety needs. The AGC’s CQM course is major benefit for management and first line supervisors in preparing themselves for USACE/NAVFAC/EM385 projects. In many cases such contracts make it a requirement. This course assists in finding the balance between quality, production, and safety.  Blackwater Electric is now using this course as part of a supervisors minimum educational requirements for qualified contracts.”

Zach Ramos
Blackwater Electric Safety Director


“English has utilized the CQM-C training provided by the AGCVA even though English does not preform contracts for the Federal Government or the Military.  We see it as a great way to promote a Quality Control ethic to our people just as we do with OSHA 10 and 30 training.  English wants our people to be ever aware of safety and quality control ranks right there with safety.”

Robert W. Lee, III

Director of Preconstruction Services,  English Construction Co. Inc

“Working as a Federal Contractor, the CQM certification is a must have for people in my company – both for field personnel to manage the day-to-day QC process during a project and for the home office personnel (PMs, technical leads, etc.) for understanding what is expected during the project to support and execute a good QC program.  Knowing what is expected from the government rep before the start of a project is paramount, and there is no better way to understand those expectations than directly from the source.

This was my third time taking the course (first obtained CQM cert in 2010, renewed in 2015 and 2020) – I started as an Asst. QC Manager fresh out of college in 2010 and have been heavily involved in my company’s QC organization ever since.  It has been a nice refresher every 5 years to re-learn the CQM process as it is taught in the classes; I always take something new away from the course to make sure to continue to develop and implement QC processes company wide and on each project underway.”

Drew Knight
Project Manager, Weston Solutions, Inc.