It is always important to have the best trained, most efficient workforce possible.  In today’s construction markets, it is even more important.  Thus AGC makes available a wide range of training programs to help its members.  And while many of the classes are conducted in the AGC training facility, AGC districts have been extremely aggressive in addressing this need by conducting a variety of programs in the districts, thereby making them not only more convenient, but also less costly.

Recent training programs include:

Supervisory Training Program (STP)
Unit 1 – Unit 6 (Pick One or All)
AGCVA Headquarters

CQM Construction Quality Management
Hilton Garden Inn (Williamsburg)
Quality Suite Lake Wright (Norfolk)

LEAN Construction Education Program
AGCVA Headquarters

Young Construction Leaders Program
AGCVA Headquarters

Project Management Program PMDP
Module 1 -5  (Pick One or All)
AGCVA Headquarters

AGCVA Headquarters

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