Take Action Today Tell Gov. Northam to Veto costly Project Labor Agreement legislation

TAKE ACTION! During the Virginia General Assembly’s 2020 session, legislators in Richmond swiftly advanced a handful of bills that would upend the construction industry.

While they failed to repeal the Commonwealth’s right-to-work law protecting the state’s hardworking workforce, they have sent legislation to Gov. Northam’s desk allowing state and local governments to mandate project labor agreements (SB182/HB 358) on public works projects.

If these bills are signed into law by Gov. Ralph Northam, the state’s construction industry, including small-, women-, and minority-owned (SWaM) businesses, will be hit especially hard along with Virginia’s economy and taxpayers. Government-mandated PLAs are discriminatory, costly schemes that will steer public works construction contracts to out-of-state union contractors and union workers at the expense of Virginia’s construction industry.

We need you to contact the Governor Today! 

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