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Friday, February 23

Building Value in Your Workplace: Tactics and Strategies the Smartest Leaders are Making to Navigate and Grow in 2024 and 2025

The Midterms are over. Inflation remains sticky. Labor is still in short supply. AI is taking over the world and succession planning is now a bigger challenge. What’s next for your business? What are other businesses doing to navigate their ways towards growth and profitability in 2024 and beyond? How are they attracting and retaining talent? What technologies are they investing in? What are you now to build value in your business for future generations...or buyers? How will regulations from DC and your state impact your business and what steps should you be taking now to prepare yourself?

During this fast paced, entertaining and extremely valuable discussion, Gene will go over real life, feet-on-the-ground strategies and tactics that smart leaders are using to navigate their way through the new political environment and the current economic slowdown and position their companies for future growth.

You will learn:

  • About the latest congressional initiatives that will impact your industry
  • Strategies smart companies are using this year to navigate inflation and supply chain issues
  • Tactics that forward-thinking leaders are using to not only retain their best employees during a downturn but to attract new talent;
  • About a few little known metrics that give the best indication of our economic future
  • The cash flow moves managers are making now to ensure they have adequate reserves for the downturn
  • The latest technologies that are attracting investments from small and mid-sized companies and which are helping to keep
    overhead low and profits growing
  • How smart businesses are saving money even as healthcare costs rise

ChatGPT, AI, and Beyond: Game-Changing Technologies That Will Impact Your Industry
Presented by Gene Marks
You’ve read about ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Copilot, Google’s Bard/Duet and other AI tools that will be changing the way we work, both in the short and longer term. As a business leader you want to leverage this technology to increase both productivity and profits. So what should you know now? Where should you be investing?

During this fast-moving, informative and entertaining presentation, Forbes Technology columnist and consultant Gene Marks will share his thoughts on the biggest technology and AI trends that will affect your business in the near and long term and help you make the right investment decisions. 

You will learn:
  • About artificial intelligence, what it means and how it works
  • How ChatGPT and related systems can be used right now in your business
  • The latest updates from Microsoft, Google, Apple and other big tech companies that will drive AI adoption in your business
  • Advice for tightening up your company’s data to fully leverage automation tools and an update on the latest security tools and processes for protecting your data
  • Examples of how your customer relationship management, financial and HR platforms will be utilizing AI in the near and long term
  • Specific AI and other technologies for your industry to review and consider
  • The latest reporting and financial automation tools to increase productivity internally

AGCVA's 401K Program
Presented by Steve Ellsworth, Baird
Be among the first to hear about AGCVA's new member benefit program – a pooled employer 401k program.

This program is like no other on the market. With a long history among other AGC chapters, over a hundred contractor members in other states have experienced huge savings – sometimes saving enough to cover the cost of AGCVA dues.

During this breakout session, gain insight as to the details of this program, whether it might be right for your company, and how it can significantly benefit you and your team.

Safety on the Inside: How to Effectively Support Behavioral Health in the Construction Industry
Presented by Rich Jones,  Chief Clinical Officer, YouTurn Health
You have to be tough to be in the construction industry – the job requires it. But it doesn’t mean that construction workers don’t struggle, and unfortunately, the toughness that’s so valued on the job creates stigma and fear about getting help. You’ve likely seen the stats –  construction has the second highest rate of suicide of any industry. Construction workers also struggle with substance use disorder at almost twice the rate of the general population. How do we fix it?

This session will explore behavioral health and substance use trends affecting the construction industry, including the entire spectrum of substance use and recovery. Learn what substance use disorder (SUD) really is and who it impacts, from the individual struggling to families, friends, employers, and co-workers. Also gain an understanding of the gaps in the current treatment paradigm that stop people from getting help. Dissect how employers can positively impact employee recovery by breaking stigma, providing resources and education, and creating recovery-friendly workplaces. Know that understanding how substance use impacts your workplace and your employees can improve outcomes and help you provide better support.

Navigating Employment Laws while Hiring Foreign National Workers
Presented by Brenda J. Oliver, Jackson Lewis P.C.
Please join us as Brenda Oliver, partner in immigration practice group at Jackson Lewis, provides an overview of business immigration visas for hiring foreign national workers.  The discussion will include work authorizations for your potential hires and the life cycle of a work visa. 

AGCVA General Membership Meeting & Legislative Update with Lunch
Don't miss this session.

It's your opportunity to find out the latest about what AGCVA is doing for you, how to maximize your member benefits and recognize the service of the many amazing volunteers who serve our member community.

We'll also be providing an important recap of the work accomplished during Virginia's General Assembly session, including an update on our work toward reasonable procurement reform and support for Career & Technical Education.

In addition we'll be announcing the winner of the 2024 Renewal Duel!  Don't miss the moment that the winning district is awarded the prize for renewing the highest percentage of members.

Fun Session: Craps Gaming Demonstration
Enjoy a gaming demonstration held by the casino staff as they present the basic skills to play the Craps table. Participants have the chance to learn the secrets behind the odds and how the house advantage is set up. Along with the table game, the will also have a better understanding on the mechanics of the slot machine and sports betting. 

Sporting Clays Competition
Please contact The Gun Club directly to determine available times and schedule accordingly.  You will be billed directly by The Greenbrier.  The Greenbrier Gun Club will capture your shoot scores and provide those scores to AGCVA.  You must be registered for the AGCVA Convention in order to participate in the competition and be eligible for prizes.  The top two male and female shooters will be announced, and prizes awarded..


Saturday, February 24

35 Years of Working with Contractors Distilled into 60 Minutes: Blunt Conversation About the When and Why of Succession
Finding a clear path to secure the future of your company doesn’t have to be difficult.  Peace of mind and clarity when it comes to succession planning is a top priority, and you likely have many questions about where to begin, what to do and what not to do, and what challenges you might expect along the way.  Join Wayne Rivers, co-founder and President of The Family Business Institute for this conversational session that addresses your top questions about how to plan for your company’s successful future. 

Whether you choose to ask your questions during the session or submit them in advance, Wayne will answer as many questions as he can to help you approach your company’s succession plan with knowledge, direction, and confidence.

You will learn:
  • The best time to begin succession planning
  • The most common succession mistakes
  • What are the THREE types of succession plans you need - and why?

Unveiling VOSH: Transforming Compliance into Safety Excellence
Presented by Jason Petrie (Clancy & Theys, EH&S Manager), Roy N. Mason, CSP (Virginia Department of Labor & Industry), Jennifer L. Rose, CSP (Virginia Department of Labor and Industry)
Are VOSH visits keeping you up at night? Discover the untapped potential of a fruitful partnership with the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Program during our VOSH breakout session.

No one enjoys unexpected VOSH visits, but what if we told you that beyond compliance, there's a world of opportunities waiting to enhance your jobsite safety and elevate your company's performance? VOSH is the Commonwealth’s counterpart to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Join our session for an unfiltered exploration of the myriad ways you may be missing out on leveraging VOSH services.

You will learn:
  • How to transform VOSH visits from sources of anxiety into catalysts for improved performance.
  • Ways to unearth the hidden benefits of VOSH collaboration.
  • How to elevate both jobsite safety and your company's overall excellence.
  • How to harness the power of VOSH for a brighter future.
Don't allow VOSH oversight to be a source of concern – instead, leverage it as a solution for enhancing safety and performance. Join us for this session to unlock the full potential of this essential partnership.

Cornhole Tournament

This will be a single elimination tournament to include up to 32 participants, making up 16 teams. You will register as an individual rather than as a team. We will have a waiting list available in the hospitality suite to account for no-shows. We will wait a few minutes for those registered to arrive and will fill no-show spots from the waiting list. Those on the waiting list need to be present at the start of the tournament in order to be placed in an empty slot. Those on the waiting list will be entered in the tournament if and when spaces become available. Waiting list participants will be assigned based on the order in which they sign up.

Leverage Your Community

We are a powerful community of over 500 member companies, which means you have access to a robust network. AGCVA members are people just like you; they face the same challenges, are ready to share ideas, and who care about your success. No matter your role, experience level, or interest, we have something for every member of the construction community.