Registered Apprenticeship Program

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry is celebrating 2018 as its 80th year in administration of the Registered Apprenticeship Program.

We serve all types of employers, private companies, and local state and federal governments, non or not for profit companies, Unions or Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees, sole proprietors, or groups serving as intermediary sponsors.

We serve all types of industries given their occupations meet the requirements of the guidance from our federal and state regulations. The most familiar occupations using Registered Apprenticeship (RA) are the building trades and the personal service trades. Electricians, bricklayers, plumbers, ironworkers, carpenters, HVAC mechanics are some of the building trade occupations. Barber, cosmetologist, nail technician are some in the latter category. Emerging occupations are daycare teachers, Cybersecurity technicians, cooks, water authority technicians, brewmasters, investigators and more coming each year.

You, as the employer might have a need for an occupation that you have not been used to seeing in the apprenticeship arena. We can assist you in developing that occupation, if appropriate to meet the pipeline needs you have.

The benefits to bringing the RA model into your business plans are:

  • Apprenticeship fosters loyalty
  • Apprenticeship boosts retention
  • Apprenticeship provides higher return on investment
  • Apprenticeship can be a critical element of succession planning

Trends are showing that this current generation of workers, the millennials are boldly seeking professional development in their work life. We like to think that job seekers who are actively engaged in their career development turn into engaged employees. RA offers that development and thus can be a recruitment tool.

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