Essential Tools for Your Jobsite

The first priority on our jobsites: Safety. Our industry has built a culture around the health and safety of our employees. Our goal is for every employee to return home safely to their family every night. The work we do is complex and challenging, but necessary for our society to function. Without a healthy and safe workforce, our work cannot be done.

Advocating for construction’s continued classification as an essential service isn’t a decision we take lightly. It comes from consultation with members from our Board of Directors, our Safety Directors, and individuals like you. We have heard from members on both sides of this issue. That decision also comes with the knowledge that keeping employees and job sites safe is paramount during this time of crisis and as we move forward. Most important, you need to make the decision to operate daily and case by case situation.  The public is watching every jobsite and your teams need to as well. Attached are two updated documents:  

  • Jobsite permission form re: Executive Order 53 for employees. Use with your own letter head and share with employees. 
  • Updated document on best practices on the jobsite.