Registration FAQs

Ready to register for an upcoming event?

Below you will find the answers to questions we're most commonly asked.  We've listed them here for your convenience, but our team is an email or a phone call away at any time.

Q:  How do I log in?
A:  At the top right of our website, you will find an area to enter your credentials.  Please enter your business email and your password in this area.  

Q:  What are my username and password?
A:  Your username is your business email address.  If this is your first time logging in, you should have received a temporary password from our team.  If you've logged in before, you likely have reset your password.  If you need assistance retrieving your username and password, click "Forgot Credentials" and a temporary password will be sent to you via email.

Q: I have already registered myself and/or others from my company.  Can I add more registrants for the same event?
A:  This is something our team is happy to do for you.  The system is currently set up in a way that once an individual is registered, they cannot access the same event to add registrants.  (This is the also case if you have registered someone else but opted out yourself.)  We anticipate that this will change soon, but in the meantime, if you need to register additional attendees, please email Suzanne Edwards and she can assist you.

Q:  What is the difference between an Associate and a Guest?
A:  An associate i
s someone who works for your company.  These are individuals whose information we have in our system, and when you register them, their name will appear in a drop-down menu located in the Associates tab.  A guest is an individual who does not work for your company (or for another member company) but that is attending an event with you.  Guests are most commonly spouses/significant others or family members.  

Q:  I want to register an Associate from my company but their name is not appearing in the drop-down menu.  What do I do?
A:  This means that we need to add this individual's name to our system.  It's a quick and easy process, and once they are added, they will be able to register for events going forward, as well as receive communications from AGCVA.  To add an associate, please email Suzanne Edwards with the individual's name and business email address.
Suzanne Edwards, CIT
Registration & Events Coordinator
804-364-5504 x201

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