AGCVA Membership Pricing Guide

AGCVA Membership
As you consider joining the AGCVA community, this pricing guide will help you develop a budget and plan for a long-standing relationship that delivers value year after year.

As you will see, pricing varies based on membership type

Why does membership pricing vary?
AGCVA membership is held through your organization, meaning that every member of your team benefits from being part of our member community.  We've seen it time and again - organizations are at their best when their people are equipped with common tools, access to knowledge, and a powerful community of like-minded professionals.  

While your organization is unique in many ways, we know that leaning into these resources can help you, your team, and your entire organization to reach your fullest potential. 

And, while every organization is unique, one thing remains true for all AGCVA member organizations: your value is greater when you engage with your community.  In other words, we would like to get to know you, help you overcome challenges, solve problems, and achieve goals.  

We view our team as an extension of your own, and our community strengthens as it grows.  We look forward to answering any questions you may have, and helping you put the power of AGCVA membership to work in a way that makes sense for you.

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Central & Roanoke Districts
Jenny Stadheim, Member Services Manager
Email Jenny  |  804-364-5504 x232

Piedmont & Richmond Districts
Jennifer Gray, Member Services Manager
Email Jennifer  |  804-364-5504 x210

Peninsula & Tidewater Districts
Rachel Reim, Senior Member Services Manager
Email Rachel  |  804-364-5504 x231

Valley District
Bobby Walker, III, Member Services Manager
Email Bobby | 804-364-5504 x230

Leverage Your Community

We are a powerful community of over 500 member companies, which means you have access to a robust network. AGCVA members are people just like you; they face the same challenges, are ready to share ideas, and who care about your success. No matter your role, experience level, or interest, we have something for every member of the construction community.