AGCVA Safety Roundtable

Safety is everyone's job.

Our Mission:

To enhance the quality of safety leadership in the construction industry by instilling knowledge, leveraging experience, promoting awareness, and driving innovation for a safer Virginia.

Values and Beliefs:
Safety is so much more than equipment, a department, metrics, or an initiative.  Safety is an intentional effort made by every member of a team to ensure that everyone returns home to their families at night. A safe workplace is born out of each decision to take care of those around you and feeling assured that they are doing the same for you.

AGCVA members are committed to safety each and every day.  Every person must do their part to create a safe workplace and as you’ll see in this video, it’s a job our members do well.

Join us in making Virginia' construction industry safer.
All AGCVA members are welcome to be a member of the Safety Roundtable.  More than 100 members strong and still growing, we invite you to join in our efforts to improve construction safety.

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Courtney Baker
Director of Workforce & Training
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