Workforce Development

Helping you develop a highly-qualified talent pipeline is one of our top priorities. 

From providing guidance and resources for recruiting new team members, to providing targeted training to meet the needs at all levels of your team, to helping you shine as an organization of choice for those seeking employment. 

Have you read the 2022 National Construction Industry Workforce Summit Report from AGC of America? 
This report summarizes the National Construction Industry Workforce Summit, including solutions generated by those who attended, and practices already in place to build our industry's talent pipeline.  We encourage you to review this resource and use it as a starting point to develop ways to grow your organizatin, and therefore the construction industry as a whole.

Check out this video for an overview of some of our efforts!
Courtney Baker
Director of Workforce & Training
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Leverage Your Community

We are a powerful community of over 500 member companies, which means you have access to a robust network. AGCVA members are people just like you; they face the same challenges, are ready to share ideas, and who care about your success. No matter your role, experience level, or interest, we have something for every member of the construction community.