Construction & supplies considered essential to move VA forward

On March 23, 2020, Governor Ralph Northam issued an executive order to close public schools for the remainder of the year and all non-essential businesses.
While the details have not been released on “non-essential” business, a reporter asked specifically if construction is impacted by this order. The Governor stated Construction is NOT currently impacted, (nor is construction related retail/ supplies) by the closure of non-essential business.
AGCVA was one of the leads in a coalition to ensure the Governor consider construction as essential. Please read the letter that was communicated to all Administration officials over the weekend as we talked with various government officials about the current situation.

While VDOT continues to operate as normal, we are highly concerned with localities shutting down inspection offices. If you know of specific inspection offices that are closed, please let me know asap. We know some localities allow for third parties to certify inspections with photos and videos.

Here is the link to what we know about local building official openings: