AGCVA Members receive Discounted Benefit on Safety Manuals

Founded in 1995 Circle Safety & Health Consultants is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive occupational safety and health services to a wide range of customers. As part of their many offerings, Circle Safety & Health Consultants provides effective and functional Safety and Health Programs included in a Comprehensive Safety& Health Manual.

Safety Manuals are a critical management tool to define and communicate worker safety, health policies and procedures for an organization. They provide clearly defined safety and health processes and responsibilities which empowers management and workers. In turn, this fosters a safe work environment where supervisors and workers know what to expect, understand the processes and are willing to bring potential safety issues to the attention of others.

VOSH/OSHA Compliant Safety Manuel: $4,400
VOSH/OSHA and EM 385-1-1 Safety Manual: $5,000
For more information: Sheila Collins at AGCVA 804.364.5504 x211