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Adventure Zone (ages 3 -12)
Kids Activities are offered through the Greenbrier. Reservations Required. Call 855-453-4858 (Option 1) by 8:00 pm the day before.  The Adventure Zone promises to create lasting memories for young guests between the ages of 3 and 12. Rest assured that your children will participate in many fun and engaging activities while under the supervision of our highly trained staff.  More details …

Do I have to wear a costume for the Friday Night Centennial Celebration?  

Come as you are, or dressed in attire from your favorite decade.  Be aware some members like to go “all out” so feel free to be creative!  View costume ideas … 
Register separately for your Hotel Room at the Greenbrier
855.766.3431 option 2 (AGC Room Block)Single Occupancy- $240.00 per bedroom +
Double Occupancy -$335.00 per bedroom +

The following rates will apply for upgraded room categories:
One Bedroom Garden Suite - $120.00
Two Bedroom Executive Suite - $220.00
Multi Bedroom Deluxe Suite - $250.00 + additional bedroom(s)

The AGCVA room block at The Greenbrier, for the convention, includes the MAP (meal plan), for each person registered with The Greenbrier, as a guest in the room. If a person is staying in one of the AGCVA block rooms as a spouse/guest/friend/child of the person who is the registered guest of the room, but the spouse/guest/friend/child is not a registered guest with The Greenbrier, the spouse/guest/friend/child will not be included on the MAP.

For those included on the MAP, the following restaurants and room service are available: 
Main Dining Room:  a la carte or buffet service
Room service:  available with an additional $5.00 surcharge for delivery to a guest room and also available with an additional $10 surcharge for delivery to a guest cottage

Main Dining Room
Drapers Café
The Forum
Prime 44 West:  available with a $50 per person surcharge
Room service:  available with an additional $5.00 surcharge for delivery to a guest room and also available with an additional $10 surcharge for delivery to a guest cottage

Alcohol is NOT included in the MAP during either of the meals, breakfast nor dinner. 
Any service charge is additional to MAP.

Make Dinner Reservations Now …. call (855) 729.3778 (option 1)View Restaurants

  • Can I attend all events? Basically yes, but attendance is limited on some of the special events, so you will need to sign up for them in advance since most sell out.
  • Is there special dress required for the Banquet on Saturday evening? Black tie is preferred, but if that’s not possible a business suit is fine.  For the ladies, cocktail attire preferred.
  • What about Banquet Seating?  we allow groups of 6 or more to request a table at the Banquet in advance. After you register you will receive a packet of materials on the Convention which includes a sign up form to be forwarded to AGC.  It is essential that you sign up prior to the Banquet – walk-ins are a problem.  Make Banquet Reservations Here
  • What if I registered for Kickoff Breakfast and Banquet but don’t attend?  If you register for these events and don’t attend you will be billed extra for the meal that was prepared.
  • After I check in at the hotel, where do I go to get my registration materials from AGC?
    The AGCVA Registration Desk.  Hours of operation are:

    • Thursday Noon – 6:00 PM
    • Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    • Saturday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • How should I dress during the day? Business casual is fine.
  • Where can I go to get a complimentary cup of coffee or a soft drink during the day?
    The AGC registration area during its hours of operation.
  • How can I be assured of registering for the optional activities of my choice?
    Register early….they will sell out.
  • This is my first Convention…..where can I go to get answers for my questions?
    First, it is essential that you mark on your registration form that you are a first time attendee.  Members of the Convention Committee are going to try to call each first time attendee prior to the event to talk with you about the event and answer your questions.
  • If you have questions upon arrival, just go to the AGC Registration area and ask the person at the registration desk.
  • There will also be a special reception for you on Thursday evening where you can ask questions about the Convention.
  • Is there any charge for the Saturday morning seminars? No….they are complimentary and very informative. It will be worth your time to attend.
  • Can I attend the Board of Directors Meeting? The Membership Meeting?  Yes on both of them.

Other Helpful Hints

  • Don’t forget your toothbrush and bring your bathing suit.
  • It is suggested that you dress in layers in the hotel…it can be drafty in places.
  • You can bring your own skates or get them from the resort.
  • AGC will have photographers taking candid photos during the Convention, as well as couple shots prior to the Banquet… can be downloaded for free after the event.
  • For those who arrive on Thursday, there is a Welcome Reception at 6:30 PM….all attendees are invited to attend.
  • There is a Kick Off Breakfast on Friday morning. Bloody Marys and mimosas are available at 8:00 AM.  Breakfast is served at 8:30.  Please be on time.