DOLI and Virginia Department of Health Notification Portal to Report COVID-19 Cases

Virginia Adopts First-in-the-Nation Workplace Safety Standards for COVID-19 Pandemic

Drug-free Workplace Supervisors Report

Marijuana Decriminalized in Virginia


Fall Prevention – Focus 4 Safety Talk

Fall Prevention – Focus 4 Safety Talk – Tips for Trainer

Preventing Falls Post Card in English and Spanish


Cintas Uniforms & Facility Services

Fog-Free Safety Glasses


Tips to Staying Coronavirus Free 

SD Pro Surface Coating Overview

Enviroshield Endure SDS

Jan Pro Endure Information Booklet | About Jan Pro  VIDEO:

SNiPER is Approved to Disinfect the Coronavirus

SNiPER SDS   |   SNiPER Application


DOLI and Virginia Department of Health Notification Portal to Report COVID-19 Cases


DOLI COVID-19 Training Materials(multi-language)

DOLI COVID-19 Training and Reporting Resources

CDC Mental Health Tools

Proposed Permanent Standard for Infectious Disease Prevention for COVID-19


OSHA issued a new policy requiring employers to determine and record if a COVID-19 case is work-related as well as an Updated Enforcement Guidance following a lawsuit from the AFL-CIO.

  • OSHA will enforce recordkeeping requirements for coronavirus illnesses for all employers. Employers must put forth an effort to ascertain whether a case of coronavirus is work-related.
    • OSHA acknowledges that it remains difficult to determine work-relatedness with potential exposure outside of the workplace.
  • The President signed an executive order for “good faith” companies compelled to comply during this fluid and dynamic crisis.

Mental Health and Emotional Safety Awareness

It is a hard truth to accept, but construction is one of the leading industries associated with suicide and depression. We were joined by Eric Kieselbach, a licensed mental health professional to walk us through available resources and response plans for construction companies.

Safety and Health Codes Board Meeting

October 2020.  The Safety and Health Codes Board held a meeting with public comment on the possibility of adopting the Emergency Temporary Standards as permanent standards. AGCVA sent a letter on behalf of members opposing this adoption. A decision from the board is still pending.

What to do if there is an exposure/illness?

VOSH Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources page

VOSH’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources page here
Here you can find information concerning the new Emergency Temporary Standard.
Link to outreach material being published under NEW! Outreach, Education and Training for the COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard, 16VAC25-220.  The material that is being published includes items such as the regulation itself, templates, toolbox talks, etc.